A Sandwich Fit For a C-list King

Hello, everyone.

It’s hard to write food reviews in college because every time I think about doing one, I imagine how stupid I’ll look if I post something here, and then forget to do something important. “Oh my god, Jacob had time to post about some stupid chicken sandwich but he didn’t even get through the entire deep-recursion problem for question nine on his first CS p-set.”

What cyberspace looks like if you’re a genius like                                          me.

Yes, I’m sorry. It was really hard.

Anyway, I come to you with breaking news. The “Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Harissa and Red Pepper Aioli” is the greatest Durfee’s sandwich of all-time. It is also the sandwich with the longest name. In fact, only three of its ingredients are excluded from the name:

  1. Cheddar cheese
  2. Arugula
  3. Italian Sub Roll

That means the ratio of ingredients listed in the name of the sandwich to the ingredients unlisted is 4:3. That is, of course, if you include bread as a sandwich ingredient, which I’m on the fence about. Any thoughts?

This looks almost nothing like the sandwich at Durfee’s.

This sandwich dominates both the weird roast beef sandwich with the bitter cheese and the turkey sandwich that’s covered in some weird jelly substance. This sandwich does everything you can possibly expect it to do if all you expect it do is make you less hungry than you were when you started eating it.

~ disclaimer: this sandwich will not make you less hungry if you take greater than or equal to four hours to eat it. ~

The sandwich is the perfect combination of pretty solid bread, pretty solid chicken cutlet, and pretty solid sauce. I want to be completely clear; this sandwich is not even that great. However, with one meal swipe I can get not only this sandwich (retail price: $6.59) but also Metro Deli potato chips (1.50??) and Yale Water ($1.50). Yes, Yale produces its own bottled water. And yes, it is the best liquid to ever end up in my large intestine

The crunchy Metro Deli chips and water perfectly complement the sandwich. The chips add texture. The water prevents me from desiccating.

How I feel after going 5 days without water.

I wholeheartedly recommend this slightly above-average to all Yale students who are on some sort of meal plan. I do not recommend this sandwich to any non-Yale affiliate because you can probably find something better for $6.59.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Harissa and Red Pepper Aioli – 6.9/10

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